Artisan Made

Lead Times

In stock items will ship within 1-2 business days.
For silver jewelry I try to keep castings ready to complete, and can often ship these in 2-5 days. Please contact me to confirm availability before ordering if this timing is important to you.
If your piece needs to be cast please allow up to two weeks for me to make and ship your jewelry.

American Made

All jewelry is handmade in my shop. All of my precious metal designs are cast, assembled, and finished in my shop on Kauai, Hawai'i. Marquetry designs are handmade and mounted. Some settings are purchased, others are handmade in my shop.
Materials are sourced first for quality, preferring American materials where possible, and European or other Western sources as a second choice. If you have questions about the details of a specific piece feel free to contact me.

Metals and Metal Components

Casting Grain:
Argentium® silver casting grain is made in Italy from recycled material.
Gold is US made from recycled or otherwise ethically sourced material.

All Argentium® chain is US made.
Gold chain is usually US made or assembled.
Silver chains are usually made in either the US or Italy.

Argentium findings are usually US made. Clasps are made in Italy.
Gold findings are usually American made.

Gemstones and Diamonds

Unless otherwise specified all gemstones are AA+ grade natural gemstones. Mines come and go often, so exact source is difficult to impossible to verify in many cases. All suppliers I work with take every care to ensure ethical sourcing and good working conditions from the mine through the cutting center. A few stones are available with verified American mines, however even there stones are typically cut in India or China, as is common for many stones.

Diamonds are natural stones from reputable suppliers who test and certify that they do not sell any undisclosed lab-grown diamonds. Diamonds are traced to verify conflict-free sourcing and ethical labor practices all the way to the mine.

Typical AGTA stone enhancement information. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know about a specific stone/size you are interested in.
Amethyst: Heat treated (H)
Chrome Diopside: None (N)
Emerald: Oiled (O)
Garnet: None (N)
Iolite: None (N)
Opal, Mexican Fire: None (N)
Peridot: None (N)
Ruby: Heat treatet (H)
Sapphire, Blue or White: Heat treated (H)
Tanzanite: Heat treated (H)
Topaz, Blue: Irradiated (R)


I have recently found a line of suitably elegant US made presentation boxes. All gold orders will be sent in these boxes. Silver orders will be sent with the old Chinese made boxes until my existing stock is used up unless you specifically request the US made box.